I need to go from Union Station to San Pedro on the MTA. Do I get off the Blue Line at San Pedro Station ??
1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
I need to go from Union Station to San Pedro on the MTA. Do I get off the Blue Line at San Pedro Station ??
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2016-05-20 11:38:16 UTC
Ok that's the Division stop where you want to get on. Get on a train heading towards Forest Park, take the train to the Clinton stop which is the 8th stop from Division. exit to the left when you are walking out of the station, Union Station will be about two blocks north on the right and if you want to get on Amtrak trains you'll want to enter the taller building across Canal Street from the station headhouse.
~Twisted Sister~
2007-04-28 23:07:59 UTC
Go to for information
2007-04-28 15:01:31 UTC
You need to look it up on the MTA website. It doesn't go into San Pedro. I think you have your destinations mixed up.
2007-04-27 18:36:33 UTC
welll your best bet is take either the 446, or 447 both buses

operate to San Pedro direclty from Union station

and they also use the Harbor transitway as well,
2007-04-27 18:12:07 UTC
YIKES!!!!!!!! I live out in the burbs. No trains here! But Have fun.
Capt. Obvious
2007-04-27 10:55:52 UTC

I've always wondered... every Friday, you ask a question that I'm pretty sure you already know the answer to... just wondering why. You're an expert in LA, and yet ask simple (one might say "dumb") questions, always on Friday. My theory is that you just want to give people a couple easy points on Friday, or you are the REAL Paris Hilton, and just dumb. My guess is the former is true.

In any case, you know that the San Pedro station is on San Pedro Street, not in the city of San Pedro. You would nted to take the Blue Line all the way to Long Beach, then catch an MTA bus across the channel to San Pedro.

2007-04-27 09:27:42 UTC
Only if you're looking to go to Staples or the Convention Center. The San Pedro Station is near those landmarks and named for the street that the station is on. If you're trying to get to the community of San Pedro then take the MTA bus at Union Station, either Rtes, 445,446 or 447 all express buses to San Pedro.

I read your additional notes, and I agree that if one isn't savvy about using LA transit, a person can get lost. A person always need to check the route maps to ensure that is where they want to go....
2007-04-27 09:25:09 UTC
If you are going to the City of San Pedro, take MTA bus route 445, 446, and 447 (express routes that use the Harbor Transitway (I-110))
2007-04-27 10:54:09 UTC
Paris, I know you're license has been revoked, but can't you hire a driver?

Or it mingling among the mortals part of your community service?
2007-04-27 09:08:44 UTC
Do you mean "San Pedro, CA" -- near Wilmington and the harbor?

I think you are confusing the "San Pedro Street" station (near Staples Center) with the city of San Pedro.

The Blue Line goes from downtown Long Beach (Pine Street) to downtown Los Angeles. It does not go anywhere near the city of San Pedro.

Try the MTA trip planner

Do not get lost or standed. Happy Friday.

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